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Ground Troops Invade Gaza and Jews in America Whisper

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We whisper to each other, but not to you.

As I made my way back to Los Angeles from our Colorado Ski Vacation, the news of Israel retaliating with a Ground Invasion brought my vacation to an abrupt end. I find it startling that Bloomberg (the Mayor of New York City) is boarding a plane to the Middle East but Condoleeza Rice is silent. Israel has been bombed 90 times in the past few months, they’re hitting back. Hurts, doesn’t it?

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Written by Jessica Gottlieb

January 3, 2009 at 9:51 pm

We Raised A Bunch Of Sissies: Yes, I’m Politicking

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APTOPIX Congress AutosAutomakers went to DC and asked for money. The government said, “no, you’ve been irresponsible. File bankruptcy and restructure.”

That same day.

My daughter Jane asked me for money for iTunes. “Take it from your allowance jar.” I told her. “It’s empty.” She replied. “I’m sorry, you’ll need to save more next week.”

Time passes
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Written by Jessica Gottlieb

December 12, 2008 at 10:59 am

OJ: Then and Now

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I remember the morning Nichole was murdered because I was on my way to work as a pesonal trainer in West LA. I didn’t realize until that evening that it was Uncle OJ’s wife and her friend who’d been killed.

I remember the criminal trial and the body guards and the quick bamboo fence that was erected around Rockingham to give some privacy. I remember that fucking dog Miles weighing more than I did, and OJ snidely commenting about me smoking too much. “What you’ve never made a mistake?” I joked with him.

I remember watching him try to read the articles that had been written about him and feeling sad that he couldn’t eek out the words.

Mostly I remember my friend Terri spiraling into the depths of depression and her mother Shirley falling apart at the seams. I remember Miss Eunice gathering her dignity and Starr Jones treating her particularly well inside the courtroom and out. I will always remember Star Jones saying to a fellow reporter, “That is not how you speak to your elders. Her name is Miss Eunice and she deserves your respect.”

I sat in the Santa Monica courthouse next to Brandy Ella, wondering why she was there and how much I could ask her about Jodie Foster. I wore my big pink Gucci Watermelon sunglasses and dozed in the gallery.

Today I watched “Uncle OJ” gnash his teeth as the judge handed down the sentence. 15 years plus one, eligible for parole in 5. I thought, oh, that’s the man who was a giant.

He’s the man who showed up at Cali Camp with his rainbow suspenders and clapped when we bounced around on the trampoline. He’s the man who always looked a little sad becuase his daughter had died. He’s the man who humored me and pretended my golf game didn’t suck. He’s the man who didn’t really know what to say to regular people.

Sadly, he’s the man who probably got away with double murder.
He’s the man who destroyed his family’s lives and livelihoods
He’s left a wake of destruction for the Goldmans and the Browns.

But when you’re a kid, and when you’re 20 and 25 and he smiles and laughs with you, you think he couldn’t possibly have killed two people.

So today I cried a little watching Shirley try to keep herself composed in the courtroom. I hope with Uncle OJ out of the picture the rest of the Simpson family can start to move forward.

He looks a little broken.
It’s all a little pathological.

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

December 5, 2008 at 10:38 am

Walmart: Because I’m Optimistic

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Maybe someone just feels really bad, and they’re wondering how to set up a Memorial Fund for Jdimytai Damour.
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Written by Jessica Gottlieb

December 2, 2008 at 8:45 am

WalMart: Hey Jessica, Won’t it Hurt When You Fall Off That High Horse?

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Ooh, WalMart, I went to college and bought all my trash bins and cleaning supplies for about fifty cents. I appreciated that you offered such deep discounts at the time, but I didn’t realize that it was accomplished on the backs of your workers.

Sam Walton was an amazing man who hustled like crazy to create American jobs, American millionaires and The American Dream. Sam Walton was an idealist and a hustler and a man willing to admit to his mistakes. Sam Walton allowed bake sales on his properties and provided scholarships to high school seniors within the stores’ communities. Sam Walton was trying to provide for his family, and in the process created a wave of millionaires by offering his employees a piece of the pie.

Are you having a hard time reconciling WalMart with Sam Walton? Me too. Frontline may clear some of that up for you.

After Friday’s stampede in New York that left 34 year old Jdimytai Damour dead, the WalMart store stayed closed for a few short hours and reopened in the afternoon. No, I’m not joking. I’m wondering if the Nassau County Police Department required the store to be shut down as it was a crime scene or if the store manager thought it would take them a few hours to mop up any messes.

From the New York Times:

Detective Lt. Michael Fleming, who is in charge of the investigation for the Nassau police, said the store lacked adequate security. He called the scene “utter chaos” and said the “crowd was out of control.” As for those who had run over the victim, criminal charges were possible, the lieutenant said. “I’ve heard other people call this an accident, but it is not,” he said. “Certainly it was a foreseeable act.”

I’m not against Corporate America. I believe that large corporations do need to exist. I also know that, like individuals, they need to exist in a responsible manner. WalMart hasn’t been responsible for a very long time. WalMart has ceased to be a good neighbor and should be scorned as such.

The carbon footprint of Walmart is needlessly large, entire cities in China exist only to support WalMart. Wouldn’t that be great if the items were then sold in China? Well, they aren’t, the shoes that give your children blisters are here, via China via Walmart. As of this writing typing Walmart recall into Google will give you 1,810,000 hits. I’m not a supply chain expert, but I am a consumer and my expectation is that items are inspected before they hit the shelves.

I find it remarkable that eleven women are willing to write for free for a store that will offer them $3 shampoos. Let me get really clear here, I will blog free and be an evangelist for any of the stores I shop at. Seriously, BMW, Ford, Barneys, Saks Fifth Ave, Gelsons, Whole Foods Market, Joe’s Jeans, 77 Kids, Genetech, Intuition… these are all places that get my money anyhow and treat me well. With a catch though, in order to treat me well they also have to treat us all well, the environment, their employees, their communities and their customers. I know my value, and it’s not in discount shampoo or in clothing sewn together by children younger than my own. I’d rather own one pair of shoes well made than ten for $8 each.

I know that the poor rely on Walmart and stores like it to keep their budget in check, but the rest of us? It’s tempting to buy cheap. I do think that most financial analysts would agree with me when I tell you this. We can’t afford WalMart.

There were reports of a 28 year old woman suffering a miscarriage, but she was apparently taken to the hospital and remains pregnant. Eight months to be exact.

If you’re thinking about the way you shop and that every dollar spent equals personal responsibility; here are some good places to begin:

It would take days for me to list the websites chronicling Walmart’s systematic abuse of workers (particularly women and minorities) so I’d urge you all to leave additional (vetted) links in the comments and I promise to look at them all.

The death of Jdimytai Damour should be our collective national shame.


Update: the “Jessica” in the title refers to me and only to me. I know y’all are possibly sick of my antics, but I assure you that this high horse will hold me firm. I don’t/can’t/won’t pick every battle this is a no brainer.

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

December 1, 2008 at 12:27 pm

The Motrin Mom Wave: It’s Not a Tsunami

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The Motrin Moms are everywhere.

It’s not what I’d intended, nor what I’d hoped for, but I do think it’s a reasonable outcome. It’s not for the reasons you might imagine.

This is a wave and not a tsunami. The Ad was the wind and the mommies gathered steam. As we came crashing onto the shore, there was foam and whitewash (the site went dead for several hours) and then it all receded.

An apology was posted online, and it was an authentic one too. The message has been criticized as “not good enough” I suspect it’s Ms. Widmer’s voice, and it was reasonably swift, but will still be picked apart.


Every beach kid knows that waves come in sets. Unfortunately, yesterday’s wave had me (and other Motrin Moms) being called hideous names by all the usual suspects. Fortunately none of those are voices I’m courting, they didn’t matter and I don’t care.

Today’s wave is the third and largest of the set. I assure you it won’t knock me off of my feet. I grew up on the beach and I know the tide, I’m standing sideways, like my mother taught me to. This wave will pass me by and I’d urge everyone to hold their breath and get splashed. Trying to swim against the largest waves in the ocean will only drown you.

Today is the day when the other women come out and call me silly. Ladies, I will not fight with you. The hate mail has turned dismissive. I’m “ridiculous” because this isn’t an issue worth an argument.

It is.

The more I speak, the less you listen. So I’m whispering now. I’m not doing the Mommy Wars. I won’t have it and I won’t feed the machine. Because the real Tsunami, the only thing that could knock me off my feet is if I engage in the most ridiculous of all arguments. And that’s where this is headed.

Did Motrin really need to take the ad down?

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Written by Jessica Gottlieb

November 18, 2008 at 9:41 am

Blame Me For Motrin Moms

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Earlier today I got a tweet to check out an advertisement by I did. I was furious and I asked the other mommies on Twitter to talk about why they’d never again use Motrin.

Here’s the tweet

The First #MotrinMoms Tweet

The First #MotrinMoms Tweet

A few hours and two thousand tweets later MotrinMoms is the #1 search on Twitter, eclipsing SNL for the first time since Obama was elected.

Follow me on Twitter, and if you’re looking for more on the #MotrinMoms story do send me an email. I’m the mommy with the hashtag on the left.

Jessica Gottlieb can be found at onlineauthor at gmail dot com.

Watch the video here!

Hat tip to Beth for the transcription.

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

November 16, 2008 at 12:23 am