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My Threesome with Guy

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Yes, Guy did personally pack and ship my book. Read it and you'll see why

Jessica, Thanks for the help with Alltop. Guy Kawasaki

I haven’t be a thoughtful blogger, a slow blogger, a prolific blogger or a coherent blogger. I’ve stumbled my way into some success in this little corner of the web, but it’s been peppered with bombastic rants and my knowledge that I can’t do this alone.

For some wacky reason Guy Kawasaki and Neenz have added me to the Alltop Ego page. If you wanted to know the real reason you’d see it all over Chapter 58. If you wanted to know why I was on the page with Seth Godin, Robert Scoble, Dooce, Dilbert and Malcom Gladwell you’d be reading chapter 59.

Back to the threesome. Robert and I are readers, I read comic books novels with my book club and devour non fiction, ignoring all advice and twisting it into meaningless bits of garbage. Robert reads the Art of War and everything Malcolm Gladwell has ever written, he takes notes, he listens, he applies good advice to his work life and, well, you can see that our marriage is two very different people in one home.

Last night I came to bed with Guy and Reality Check. Rob starts peeking over my shoulder and he’s nodding his head. I’m shaking mine, “OhMyGawd I’m an asshole”, Robert looks to the ceiling, I look up too, but see nothing.

Robert wants to read about The Psychology of Influencing People, I calmly explain to him that screaming and yelling is best, and if they still won’t listen a house key to the car works well. Robert ignores me, and keeps yanking the book Guy Kawasaki over to his side of the bed. I remind him that I’m going to speak on a panel at Consumer Reports in January so I’m officially a really big deal and I want to read the chapters about Public Speaking. He reminds me that my other guy Malcom was just waiting in the wings.

So, I read about Marita’s Bargain and remembered that I adored Malcolm too, and well.

We made it a foursome. Me and three super smart guys.

*Buy both books, I don’t care what industry you’re in, you need Outliers and Reality Check to make sense of the world. Full disclosure, not monetized one bit, it’s really just advice. Good advice, and I have very little of that to give.


Written by Jessica Gottlieb

December 5, 2008 at 12:01 am

Saturday Round Up

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Went to the Griffith Park Observatory and it was beautiful. Unfortunately the Gottlieb corridor was the other Robert J. Gottlieb the rich one (the one we’ve never met). Dang, I’d have enjoyed having the corridor named after me.

robert-j-gottlieb-corridorI am, however, available for adoption and it would be ever so convenient because I wouldn’t have to change my name.

FYI the book club is reading Naked by David Sedaris. I’m loving it but only in small doses, there’s a great essay titled I Like Guys that’s incredibly prophetic with California’s Prop 8 fiasco. We’re also reading the curious incidient of the dog in the night-time which is completely engrossing as the Autistic Spectrum fascinates me and I sometimes wish we wouldn’t attempt to fix kids that don’t appear broken. In between I’ve also read The Woman Who is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach, oh gosh, this is the perfect holiday gift book, I hate her too, but I also want to be her.

Three great reads and none of the links on this blog are monetized so they really are here just for your benefit.

I also had a chance to visit with a friend of mine from Junior High School. He came over late last night with his wife (whom I’d never met). You know how sometimes you just hold your breath and think “Oh gosh I hope she’s not horrible.” I loved her, she’s smart and pretty and kind and I’m exhilarated thinking that my very old friend has brought me a new girlfriend.

Because really, we all need our girlfriends.

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

November 29, 2008 at 9:11 pm

The Four Seasons Resort: Scottsdale, AZ

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So far, so good


The Four Seasons Scottsdale is ready for my kids

The Four Seasons Scottsdale is ready for my kids

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

November 21, 2008 at 10:34 pm

Countdown to the Jonas Brothers

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Oh gosh you can start the countdown now.

77kids and the Jonas Brothers are a marriage made in heaven, both are adorable, both are star studded.

This might whet your appetite. (pictures of the boys after the jump)

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Written by Jessica Gottlieb

November 16, 2008 at 12:26 pm

As a Nod To the White Trash Mom

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Because I’ve read the book cover to cover and I’m super stalker over at her website, I will heed the warning of White Trash Mom (WTM) and not join the Muffia. Remember the hideous mean girls from Junior High? Well, they’re part of the PTA now and if you can’t sidestep them gracefully your children will pay the price.

With that being said I have only two things to offer you.

Adam's composition last night


This picture, which a Muffia Mother would use in order to demonstrate that her child is clearly smarter than yours. But I won’t do that because today I’m paying attention to The White Trash Mom Handbook and not being an ass.

And a question for all my local Los Angeles readers. If you were taking WTM to lunch in Santa Monica, where would it be?

Her book has helped me navigate the school years without boring me to bits.

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

November 12, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Through the Storm: I Don’t Want to Review Lynne Spears’ Book

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As a writer blogger, I’m offered a few goodies here and there. Most of them are completely resistable, but this one wasn’t. Michael Hyatt would send me a copy of Lynne Spears’ book in exchange for my 200+ word review.

200 words. From me? Have we met? This is so simple.

The joke’s on me.

The book is a mother’s journal about her three children, two of whom we already know too much about. Sadly, as is with many journals the writing is juvenile and punctuated with at least two exclamation points per page! Can you imagine how difficult it is to read that?! Finally I got out a highlighter and highlighted all the exclamation marks!

All kidding aside, I’d expected the book to be a mea culpa of sorts, a mother’s apology to her daughers for not protecting them from the world. Sadly, I got a poorly written sanctimonious finger pointing bit of blather.

Apparently it’s all Jamie’s fault, Jamie being the father, I’m sure that the three Spears children appreciate having their father’s name dragged through the proverbial mud. Ms. Spears spent countless hours writing a book wherein she preached a little bejeezus to us all and pointed her finger at anyone who crossed her path. Apparently she’s spent her entire life bewildered.

I hate to do this. It pains me to say this, but the book is completely missable. There’s one chapter far in the back where she describes Britney’s relationship with Sam Lufti. If memory serves, the chapter lasted 3 pages.

I pity the Spears family. Clearly they weren’t equipped to deal with the machine that Hollywood has become. I wanted to review this book and be able to say that Lynne Spears wrote a great book about Hollywood and how to survive it. Alas, it’s a poorly written piece that reveals nothing and puts the nail in the coffin that is Lynne Spears’ good name.

What a shame.

* Note to Daily News and Bill Hutchinson, I didn’t see anything about cocaine or virginity. Did we read the same book?

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

October 20, 2008 at 9:10 am

A Special Discount for My Readers Only: Sustainable Jewlery

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I have no time for this today so I’m making time.

Anna of Annatarian is offering my readers an exclusive discount on her fantastic eco conscious jewlery.
Use promo code JGOCT08 at checkout and get 10% off all products except the CARE Bracelet.

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Written by Jessica Gottlieb

October 13, 2008 at 9:21 am