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Motrin Moms Press and Links: November 2008

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Mainstream Media MSM (and Mashable)


New York Times

Washington Post

Motrin Moms: Social Media Fail Whale

News Links

Motrin Moms show their Social Media Savvy
Bulletproof Blog

What’s a Media Company?
ClickZ News, NY –

J&J’s Motrin headache just another ‘flash flood’ in cyberspace
Globe and Mail, Canada

Online Buzz About Motrin Ad Already On the Wane
MediaPost Publications, New York

NewsAnchorMom Answers

Why the Four C’s of Community Require the Commitment of Many (subscription)

Tech firms turn to social media to reach consumers
CIOL, India

Motrin : le bad buzz du moment
Culture-Buzz, France

Moms offended by Motrin ads get Twitter revenge
Press & Sun-Bulletin, NY

Johnson & Johnson é vencida pelo Twitter
Baguete (liberação de imprensa), Brazil

How Twittering Critics Brought Down ‘Motrin Mom’ Campaign (subscription) – Nov 17, 2008

Offended moms get tweet revenge over Motrin ads USA Today

Bloggers sore over Motrin ad
Globe and Mail, Canada – Nov 18, 2008

Company caves to moms’ Motrin ad backlash
Chicago Tribune, United States – Nov 18, 2008

Moms clobber Motrin maker online over ad
Vancouver Sun,  Canada – Nov 18, 2008

J&J Pulls Online Motrin Ad After Social-Media Backlash
Wall Street Journal – Nov 17, 2008

J&J Gets Caught in a Sling Over Internet Motrin Ad
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY – Nov 17, 2008

Slings and arrows: Online backlash ends Motrin ad
The Associated Press – Nov 17, 2008

“Motrin moms,” a-Twitter over ad, take on Big Pharma… and win
Scientific American – Nov 17, 2008

Motrin maker feels pain from social media backlash
Computerworld, MA – Nov 17, 2008

Motrin markets to moms — and gains a pain
Baltimore Sun, United States – Nov 17, 2008

Twitter Moms Sink Motrin Ad
Forbes, NY – Nov 17, 2008

Motrin Moms Fiasco Exposes User-Hostile Web Strategy
About – News & Issues, NY – Nov 19, 2008

Motrin ad a pain for Johnson & Johnson
United Press International – Nov 19, 2008

Ask Dave Taylor: Social networking gives Motrin a big headache
Daily Camera, CO – Nov 18, 2008

News Bits: Twitter Moms Rebel Against Motrin
Contentinople, NY – Nov 18, 2008

J&J yanks mom-offending Motrin ad
FiercePharma, DC – Nov 18, 2008

J&J apologizes, says it missed the mark with Motrin mom ad
PRWeek, NY – Nov 17, 2008

Motrin Bows to Social Media Pressure From Moms – Removes
ReadWriteWeb, CA – Nov 17, 2008

J&J Triggers Mommy War With Motrin ‘Anti-Baby Sling’ Ad
BNET, Ca – Nov 17, 2008

Johnson & Johnson Angers Moms With Motrin Ad
Pharmalot, NJ – Nov 17, 2008

Angry Twitter Moms Motivate Removal of Controversial Motrin Ads
TMCnet – Nov 19, 2008

They love us

Motrin Giving Moms a Headache

“Motrin Moms” and the Case of “MotrinGate”

Mom-101: The Motrin Moms ad campaign: Oy, as they say.

Motrin Is Feeling Pain, Will Motrin Feel Our Pain?

Oy, I’ve got such a headache

Twitter Swarm: Motrin v. Moms

Will Motrin prove gone are the days of “all press is good press”?

McNeil misses “consumer insight” with Motrin baby wearing ad

Universal Remote? Yes. Universal Studios? Yes. Universal Mom? No.

Motrin, Revisited

baby bunching, babywearing and motrin

Motrin, Media Mamas and Twitter Tirades: Marcom Blunders Redux

Thank you Motrin

They didn’t fry us

Using Social Media to monitor brand satisfaction

taxi crashes on motrin

Motrin Moms

In Motrin moms debacle, the winner is Twitter

Motrin Moms Commercial (Video)

Motrin Ad Misses Mark: Social Media Moms Miffed

Social Media Advice Not to Follow: Market Motrin and Annoy Mom

Motrin Feels the Pain

Marketing Pilgrim

כשזה כואב, זה באמת כואב

In The Red Zone | Overflow

Marketing to Mommy Bloggers: Part II | TECHLifePost

Reputation Management: It’s A Big Ass Internet

The Social Media Armchair Quarterback and The Motrin Debacle

Motrin Feeling a Twittering Pain

baby bunching, babywearing and motrin

Angry Mothers Against Motrin, or a Sneaky Advertising Strategy?

Tweets Silence Mighty J&J

They hate us

Moms Vs. Motrin: Backlash to the Backlash

#motrinmoms – will @1938media create a Jessica Gottlieb “category

Motrin And Moms

#motrinmoms and me

(Motrin) Moms Make Babies, Use Internet (Bostonist)

PR People and Their Spin

A Crisis That Will Give You a Headache

Social Media Marketing Presentation – Women In Technology

Online Marketing, YouTube and Twitter Have Arrived

Motrin Mom: Dealing with one Gigantic Social Media Headache

#motrinmoms Use Blogs & Twitter To Ravage Motrin Brand & Ad Campaign

When moms attack


Written by Jessica Gottlieb

November 20, 2008 at 1:49 pm

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